Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mister International 2010

Since last thursday, i've been disturbed (in good way, of course) by the L-Men Mister International 2010 adv contest on TV. It was held in Jakarta, November 20th 2010 and followed by 40 countries. And the show was aired on November 27th 2010 on Trans7. Just imagine, parade of 40 hot hunks on TV is hard to resist, no? :D

So last night i watched the show and completely amazed with those hunks. Subhanallah *big grin*. Those body figures seemed like been perfectly sculpted. I dont know how hard men build their body since i am gifted with lean bod -Thank God- #diamukmassa. Yet as i ever read once in man magz that that kind of bod wasn't built easily. Rome wasn't built in a day, rite eh? Need alot of work out, discipline, healthy nutrition and balance lifestyle. So, big appreciation to the contestants and men out there who can bring it off.

The fully show itself was entertaining i think. The contestants are hot. The winner is among top of the top hottie (except the KD part *ini tante2 nyanyi gak pake gatel napa?*). Here are the contestants i like:

1. Azerbaijan
Name: Elnur Tagiiev
Age: 20

2. Brazil
Name: Caio Lucius Ribeiro
Age: 20

(Ricardo Kaka KW in chicken fur) :D

3. France
Name: Jordan Haag
Age: 19

4. Great Britain
Name: Ryan Terry
Age: 22

5. Spain
Name: Luis Alberto Maicas
Age: 20

*pada brondong2 semua >.<*

If i were the judge i will choose those guys i've mentioned as top 5, but unfortunately i weren't :D
The winner is Great Britain, 1st runner-up is Brazil, 2nd runner-up is Spain, 3rd runner-up is Indonesia and 4th runner-up is Greece.

Awkay, add one more country to travel, Azerbaijan >:)

Source: from here and here

*semoga ada siaran ulangnya di tipi, hehehe*


chox said...

dasar tante2.... tobat tante...

-rizka- said...

sirik aja sih om....
btw ada stok kayak yg tak posting gak om? *kedip2* :))

lulu said...

Gak boleh ambil mas spain ama Franceq gak boleeeeeeeeeh :(( #apasih :D.
Senyumnya si Luis mauuuuu yg kek gini, mau Y Allah :))

-rizka- said...

bagaimana kalau kita bikin scene jebakan ala sh*tnetron....dan meminta mas2 itu bwt bertanggungjawab?
*apa sih yaaa*

Anonymous said...

yang greece... yang greece... kyaaaaaaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

ckckckk speechless, Ya Rabb mau dong satuuuuuu